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Will champaavathi be prevented from aggression?.

Vizianagaram, November 28, ( champaavathi River in Vizianagaram district is undergoing aggression. The river has lost its shape. It is difficult to find that some acupas are dying directly into the sand. The river was damaged. Drinking water in summer does not provide water for drinking water schemes of 11 zones due to improper sand mining. The authorities are taking steps to solve these problems. The checks would be set up for Rs 70 crores at 10 places on the river. Plans are also prepared for this. The locals expressed their happiness when authorities took steps to protect the river. In the last year, check dams were proposed. However, some changes have been lifted. Presentations have been made to make changes to the present. The check dams are up to the height of the meter and the water is stored. There is no scope for aggression. The authorities have intensified efforts to make these structures where they are needed to identify areas where the occupation is high.

There are plans to provide drinking water to Mettada, Gajapathinagaram, Bodapalli, Guntayada, Gurula, Nellimarla, Garivadi, Dengada, Bhogapuram, Pusapatiriganga and Cheepurupalli mandals on the river. With water shortages, the water is getting difficult in the summer. Under current structures, the meter will be elevated to ground water and groundwater. Water will be provided for schemes under checks. This is likely to open water issues for 11 mandals. Throwing off on the Champawati River can be a hindrance to the acacia's feet. The constant water meters are up to the height and the rainy season does not have the possibility of saving the sand from the water bunds. Where is the sand? The officials say that the river will be annexed. With water throughout the year, the river is likely to become a lifeline. champaavathi fills the water rather than drinking water.

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