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International city of Hyderabad: Ivanca trump .

Hyderabad, November 28, ( is the world's largest city, said Donald Trump's daughter, adviser Ivanca Trump. Speaking at the JEE Summit on Tuesday, Bharat said that India is happy for a democratic victory. During the GCE Conference, Prime Minister Modi and Evanca Trump watched Exhibition organized by many industrialists at HICC. They are accompanied by representatives of around 150 countries, including KCR, Telugu state governor Narasimhan, Union ministers Nirmalitha Tharamman, Sushma Swaraj, Telangana IT Minister Ketiar, Heritage Foods Eddie Nara Brahmani, Apollo Foundation Vice Chairperson's Office, Sinatri Manchak Lakshmi, GMR supremo Granthi Mallikarjuna Rao Bharat Rocket Technology Vellandannaru to s. Hyderabad is the birthplace of world famous biryani. Entrepreneurs want to work continuously without hammering. Participating in these conferences is happy. I am proud of 52 per cent women participating in the GEE Summit. I learned that women should work harder to be able to work in a male-dominated society. The number of women entrepreneurs in the last 10 years has increased by 10 percent. Now there are 10 million female industrialists in the US.
Eva Trump said that Indian space technology had gone beyond the moon to Mars. While, though. Subsequently, the delegates from 150 temples were greeted with greetings. India is one of the fastest growing economies. Welcome to the upcoming youth of new discoveries.

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