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The people of Gujarat do not cheer the Congress: PM Modi.

Bhuj (Gujarat) November 27, ( Minister Narendra Modi's campaign for victory in the Gujarat Assembly elections has taken place on Monday. In the morning of Kutch, the famous Ashapura Mata Temple was dedicated to the first rally in Bhuj. Modi's tornado tours will be done in South Gujarat, where Muslims live along with Saurashtra. He addressed in the Baharagasabha held there. The Congress has been fuming over the history of Gujarat. Congress has killed a youth who participated in the Maha Gujarat movement. Ironically, the Congress has insulted the Sardar Patel, but the people of Gujarat have done the same. However, he said the Gujarati could no longer bear the attack on their reputation.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that the people of Gujarat never supported the Congress party. He also alleged that the Congress had blocked the efforts of Narmada to bring water to the Kutch region. He said the situation was different if the Narmada water was about 30 years ago.

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