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Teacher's top position:Vice President Venkiah Naidu.

Amaravathi, November 28, ( Naidu said that he would ask for childhood if he wanted it. On Tuesday, he started with the Chief Minister Chandrababu at Vitp Campus in Anavolu village in Amravati, the capital of Amravati. . Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Akademic Black and Sarojini Naidu hosted the Blocks today. The program was attended by students and celebrities.
Venkiah Naidu, Vice-President, said that there was a lack of calm, fear and contraction in childhood. It was fun and enthusiasm in childhood. He said the teacher was the first place in the community. In the first 10 organizations, Vit is one of the most educated educators. I am happy to attend the WT AP Campus opening ceremony. There is a lot of effort in providing resources and resources for the capital. I'm very glad to see the capital's dream.
 Amaravati as Knowledge Hub: CM Chandrababu
Chief Minister Chandrababu said that life is important for all of life. Andhra Pradesh students are in the forefront of education. We are in the IT companies of the world and there are those who have come from Andhra Pradesh. Similarly, state capital Amravati is going to be a blue and green city, said CM Chandrababu Naidu. There are 27 townships in Amaravati. There are more educational institutions coming to the state. Amaravati is a green city. Amaravati is going to be a polluted city. Higher education is given to education and we are spending huge funds for education. The goal is to make Amaravati a hub of knowledge.

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