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Metro credence Congress:Chief of TPCC Uttam.

Hyderabad, November 25, ( city Metro Rail proposes, designs and sanctioned the tasks ahead of the last Congress government TPCC Chief Uttam Kumar Reddy hit the pot. He said that the Prime Minister has nothing to do with the role of Prime Minister Narendra Modi or the CMR to visit the Metro Rail project Hyderabad on Saturday. By now launching the Metro train, it is wrong to try to say that this credit is all about. In fact, the KSR has made a delay in the Metro rail for three years today due to alignment change proposals made earlier. This has resulted in an additional burden of over Rs 3,500 crore. Finally, after the KCR came to power, he said that the last Congress government had done according to the alignment. In fact, the KCR did not take an extra step after coming to power, and the old Basti did not yet begin. In the declaration, the power point is expected to be on Sunday with the integral elements of the Metro Rail.

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