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He looks like God:udaya bhanu

Nandamuri Balakrishna is up to the top of the mind .. the mind is going to be called the fans are fans. There is a good name in the film industry as well as the fans that do not hesitate to do anything for my pleasure. The latest thing is that Balayya Babu has done his best. Anchor recalled about a sting on his sensual mind. Balayya was very excited about the birthday of his twin babies and spoke about the blessings of udaya bhanu.

He said that he was at a very young age for the family. Celebrations in his life and the celebrations have never existed. The first date of life is the first birthday of his twin children. We want to celebrate those celebrations with non-industry. Many of them have called up for the celebrations but no one has been lift. At the end of the day, Balayya said that he was happy to come up with a message. On the next day, he would come to the function even if he had a meeting. By the time he said correctly, he came as a lioness, and at that time Balayya appeared to be a god. With five minutes of walking like a celebiter, 45 minutes left and laughing with all the photos. Hatsapp Balayya said that such people are very rare in the industry. Hatsaf Balayya offered from udaya bhanu .

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