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Awards crop before the start.

Metro trains on the coastal wing pillars .. The vast metro stations to handle the mini airport in the shape of the winged fringes .... The hi-tech designs ... the skyways ... the facilities in the stations to make the viewers mantramugulu ... the good features of the hundred metro projects around the world, Our metro project is a combination of facilities. About 2500 engineers work hard on design, drawing, construction and sites for about five years to build this project. Approximately 18 thousand workers are working in the construction of the project in accordance with designs. Our Metro project is being constructed with a public private partnership (PPP) with an estimated cost of Rs 16,000 crore. This is
also the biggest project in the world of PPP policy.Our Metro project has been awarded to the Pillars, Metro Depots, Operation Control Center, Metro Rails, Driver Unnecessary Communication Based Train Control System and Compton Technology. Already the prestigious infrastructure companies of the country have been awarded the award for our metro project in various fields over the last five years. The division of the metro stations in three parts is a beautiful roadway, green arcade, mosaics, streetfineries ... MiPurp Center has recently created a plush of the company's platinum rating. Not even one for Metro .. Not only 15 awards in the metro fame. This includes New York's prestigious Global Infrastructure Forum, Royal Soul for Prevention of Accidental Gold.Our award winning metro.
♦ Global Engineering Project of the Year (2013) Award for New York's prestigious Global Infrastructure Forum.
♦ 2013, 14,15: Royal Society for Prevention of Accidental Gold Awards for three consecutive terms. Safety and Occupational

Health Awards by UK-based Glasco Institute has been awarded with the best safety standards during construction.
♦ 2013.14: Best Metro Project Award.
♦ 2015.17: Best Upcoming Metro Award (Construction Week of India-Mumbai)
♦ American Concrete Institute (ACI Award) -2013 -Mumbai.
♦ International Safety, Quality, Environmental Management Award-2015 UK-based ISKME
♦ Platinum Award-2016
♦ Best Upgrading Metrorail-ITP Publishing Group - New Delhi
♦ IBCB Platinum Rating (Metro Station) -2017

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