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Contest with Singapore in development:CM|.Amravati: Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu said, "We are trying to get to Singapore in the development.

Singapore has been the gateway to innovative ideas and innovations and asked the government of the country to implement

the best practices in their state. He participated in the second meeting of the Joint Instrument Steering Committee (JISC)

on the Startup Area project in the Secretariat on Friday with the Singapore Commerce and Industry Minister Eswaran.

Speaking on the occasion, he said, "The concrete jungle is not going to be built in the name of the capital, but it is

their effort to build a fantastic capital with modern technology, as it uses the natural resources here. In the days to

come, electric vehicles are preferred in Amravati. We will soon introduce 1,500 electric vehicles.

Start flight services ..

Singaporean-Vijayawada had to start at least three flights between midnight and request the CE Singapore government to

take the necessary measures. Singapore District Cooling Managing Director Jimmy Khoo has suggested setting up a cooling

system for reducing temperature in Amravati.

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