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Bharathi ... Jagan hopes.

Hyderabad, November 30, ( is now in the YCP. That is why he does not tell the person to do the work he wants to do. What does the least peeking team do? What is the problem of surveys is that the other person is not aware of his wife Bharti. Who's in the future No one knows where to go. That is why the precautions are taking place. Bhagya's wife Bharti spoke with Gaddi Ishari. Do not get out of the party. You have tried to appease Jagan Priyati. If you give this task to someone else, it becomes tired. So, if you are able to do so, you are entrusting a little work to his mother's success. Former minister DL Ravindra Reddy went to the house and completed his assignment to the party. It's not just that .. Jagan is working with his family members on most important issues. Vijayasayeddy, Vivi Subbareddy and others do not believe. If the cases come and go to jail, the information will be given to Bharathi's key responsibilities. His wife is much more important than Sharmila. This is because the MLAs have already left the party. Some are on the same track.

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