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Bangalore, June 30 (
The recently launched Passport Service Mobile App has been receiving great support from Union Minister Sushma Swaraj. Within two days of the launch of this app, lakhs have been downloaded. Sushma revealed this through his Twitter account. Sushma said, "This app can apply for any passport in the country. On June 26, Sushma started this app on the 'Passport Service Divas'. This app allows immigrants to apply for passports from their homework. 


The passport office is in Guwahati in the north east region so far. Now, new passport centers will work in this area, Sushma said. In the past two stages 251 passport registration centers were announced. Of them 212 are already available. In the third phase, another 38 registrations will be available, she said. So far, there are 260 working passport centers and they will be set up in Lok Sabha constituencies. Officials and Foreign Ministry are making a list of passport offices in any area. Under this policy, you can select any of the Regional Passport Office (RPO), Passport Service Center (PSK) or Post Offices Passport Service Center (POPSK) to submit a passport application. The application can also be submitted to the applicant's residence in the chosen RPO. The police verification will be done in the address specified in the application form. After passport is granted, the RPO sends it to the address in the application.

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