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Adilabad,June 2,(
The mission of Telangana Sarkar for the conservation of water resources is a good result for Kakatiya. Through the restoration of tanks, new ponds, farmers get irrigation water and fishermen get employment. Fishermen in the ponds leave the government and have grown up by the local fishermen for free. The fisherman earns good income by catching fish. With the current rains, the government is preparing a mechanism to leave fish in the ponds. Activities related to the release of fish in ponds in Adilabad district began. It is reported that this phase is making arrangements to leave about 99 lakhs of fish. There are 37 fisheries cooperatives in the district, while 2,574 fishermen are members. The government is taking steps to provide all the fishermen based on fishing. The Government is supplying fish to a hundred percent subsidy. According to Sarkar's decision, the authorities are planning to leave the two sets of fish this year. Meanwhile, fish prices have risen in recent years. In the past, the baby fish with a 35-40 mm size was priced at Rs. 57 paise currently at Rs 59 paise. The price of fish up to 82-100 mm size is Rs. From 1.15 to Rs 1.30. Despite the price hike, the official administration has not withdrawn fish pools in ponds. In addition to regular ponds this year, the ponds in the panchayat area are also taking action to release fish.


Officials said the government has already fixed the price of fishermen to the district. He said fishermen were encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to have a lot of opportunities for fisheries in the district. In addition to the community, farmers expressed their interest in fish farming. The Telangana government has allocated funds for the development of the fisheries industry and said it would free two lakhs of rupees worth of fish. In the third installment, the target has gone up. This benefit is a good source of income for the beneficiaries. There is a good atmosphere for the seafood industry across Adilabad. There are enormous resources available. 

Water projects and water ponds are good. During monsoons, projects and ponds will be completed. There is no big problem for fish farming. These flavors are customary and are distributed to the community of five lakh fish farms each year. Since last year the government has to provide them with the requirements of tenders and free fish pets. There are about 6,000 fishermen in the whole of the district. Using local water resources, fish fish production is expected to increase and produce 15,000 tonnes of fish in the reservoirs. Besides, the beneficiaries say the production target will be further increased due to the disruption of the fish ponds in the village-ponds.

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