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Tirupati, May 1, (
Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu's attitude towards the central government has changed completely. The increased sharpness of criticism. The center is facing the failures. In addition to the unfairness of Modi's leadership to the state, the rape incidents in the country and thousands of crores of rupees have been highlighted by the Gharana fraudsters. For a few days, the statues of Chandrababu continue. The Chief Minister explained how the state is being harassed in the past. Referring to the unfairness in the country, the central government is averse to neglect. There is no doubt that the party's tepidy in the state has no doubt in the state. In the 2014 elections, both parties have joined together. So, the Kashyapdalam MLA and MP have won seats. Chandrababu is planning to do this without any such chances. In the next election, 25 MPs in the state are planning to get all the seats. It is clear that any government in the center will come to power to decide the Prime Minister.


Chandrababu raised the criticism of the center .. TDP is making the state of the same effect. This agitation has already reached a range of initiatives to fight against terrorism. TDP leaders and activists are hoisted with rallies throughout the state. The Center is describing how the center is treated. Even if the Center is attacked in the form of the state and people, the chief minister is not only the TDP but also the people who are prepared to face unity. On the other hand, the efforts of the BJP are to be sacked in the South. The party target is to win anyway in the Karnataka elections. This is planning to expand in south India. However, the TPP groups are keen to give a good base to the party's hopes. The BJP is trying to scream after crossing the seven. The witness is criticizing the Prime Minister for fulfilling his assurances. The Telugu Nadu government in Karnataka is unhappy. Analysts have commented that the discontent is more likely to influence the polls.

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