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Hyderabad, May 26, (
Mahanadu conducted grandly in Telangana.But one of the two MLAs did not get one. R. Krishnaiah did not see to to that side. Another MLA, Padra Venkatanarayana, will contest in AP in the coming elections. TDP leader Motkupalli Narasimha did not call. The fire flashes as a result of humiliating him. Telangana CM MKUKUPALLI has called a call to go with KCR. Aravind Reddy, who opposed him, are partying. There is no change in the mode of motkupalli. At one point, the attempt to send out Mattupalli did not work. It seems that he has developed an array that has been designed for him. Telangana TDP is incorporated in the TRS. It's not just that .. tries to tie up with TRS. Chandrababu Naidu does not like this. Mothkupally said he was suffering from insulting him. Do you look so small Is it a respect for a senior Dalit leader? I speak the facts. Then apologize. But he is not a party to me. 


'I'm not lucky to go to Mahanadu. He remembered that he had worked with NTR. He has spoken a lot of words. Despite the lack of power, ministers who worked at Babu worked for the party for 15 years. I do not have any background. Babu said that TDP will not come to power, TRS comes and I have talked too many times. I will give you Rajya Sabha. For power, promote the revenge in the ticket for the ticket as the CM candidate. He said that he would not disgrace the party and join the Congress as a whole. Motkupalli says that this situation has come because he opposed the impossibility of the alliance with the Congress. What is my crime? Who is it that our leader also insulted me? Say shame. If you are stomach, then you will fall on the legs. You have not been given five minutes of asking for three years. I do not think that insulting me.

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