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Hyderabad May 17 (
In Hyderabad city , lifted the 1,116 open garbage points ,Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation topped the country by handling solid waste by implementing innovative programs. distributed 44 lakhs of dustbins, for each house  2 dustbins to separate the wet garbage, and dry garbage from the home as part of Swachh Hyderabad. including passing of garbage seals, setting up garbage segregation points in each circle. Today, the Chief Minister of Housing and Urban Survey has announced key awards for 2018, Hyderabad has topped the list of 29 states and seven Union Territories in the country. For this the GHMC has implemented the following activities for the past few years. The GHMC has handed over 44 lakh dustbins at two dustbins to the house in Hyderabad city without any municipal corporation. The DSLB in has taken a large number of awareness and propaganda programs to distinguish wet and dry pests. However, dumping of wet and dry rubbish is just in the cities of Western countries. No system of procurement has been implemented in any city of India. The solid waste management legislation created by the Central Government is implementing strongly -2016. Participating in more than 10 lakh self-help groups, including more than 3 million members of the school, have undertaken co-operation of the school students and students, including the wet, dry garbage, environmental cleanliness, elimination of garbage points, sanitation programs, colonial welfare associations, voluntary organizations and public officials in solid waste disposal. 


In this way, various programs of the city go to the door and work in housing and housing to conduct special activities to keep the wet and dry garbage in green and blue cans. The same was also requested by housewives for housewives, self-help women and GHMC cleaners, especially housewives. Whoever collects the garbage of voluntary auto trolleys is collected by the CRPs, and they should be provided with a clean, wet and dry garbage. Along with the colonists, everyone has been conscious that they should not open firewood in public. Women especially reacted to the need to separate the dirt from the bolt. The GHMC staff assured that they would be able to distinguish wet and dry pads. In addition, the GHMC officials also have the understanding that each of the colonies, parks, hotels and restaurants have been compelled to dug potholes to produce composting fertilizers. The GHMCC has also provided unemployed youths with unemployed youth in addition to the 2,000 volunteer auto tipers who have already been transferred from wet and dry pans to the unemployed youth in the city.

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