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Tirumala,May 29,(
There is no shortage of gifts offered by devotees to Tirumala Srivenkeswara. In earlier times, the kings and the princely princes gave their jewelry and jewelry to the Lord. At present, entrepreneurs, businesses and politicians present gifts worth crores of rupees. A devotee of Tamil Nadu has presented Swron with gold. Thangadori, an industrialist from Bodinayagalur, Tamil Nadu, has produced a golden sword worth Rs 2 crore and presented him to Swamiji. Tangadori family members who participated in Swamiji's service during the dusk of Tuesday's dawn were handed over to the temple authorities in a golden chain. The couple said that the sword was made of six and a half feet long with six kilos of gold.


In 1989, Karnataka Chief Minister Virendra Patil presented Sriravi to the golden scepter. This is the first time that this gift is given to Sriivar. Recently, a devotee of Hyderabad devotees donated Rs.2 crores golden sword, devotees in Thirumala are usually crowded. Sriwari's vision is about 25 hours. Two newly renovated deltas centers in Thirumala were opened on Sunday. These food counters were set up at ANC and HVC sub-divisional offices. Already Rambhacha Busta, Central Inquiry Office, PAC-1, food counters are provided with food and food for the devotees. In addition, they have been set up in the summer with the attention of devotees during the summer season, officials said.

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