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Vijayawada, May 24, (
Oil deposits extraction were started under the ONGC in Krishna district Nagayalanka mandal Vakkannapatlavaripalem. At present, 24 billion cubic meters of gas is being produced in the country and 50 bm gas production is expected to be in the next three years. 80 percent of the country's oil is imported. 20 percent will be produced in the country. ONGC is producing 70 per cent of its production. Kakinada was completed in deep water and began production at Kakinada offshore by 2019. The oil and gas industry is focused on production of natural gas. In last year, Deep Water spent Rs 35,000 crore for oil and gas exploration. By 2034-35 Kakinada Deep Water will work on 25.87 million metric tons of oil and 45.28 billion cubic meters of gas production. Shale gas is not the focus of the present. In 2017-18, gas and oil production grew by 10 per cent. ONGC Overseas Ltd has taken 40 projects in 19 countries. ONGC has taken some projects with China and the ONGC Regional Offices are unlikely to change, but all of them are still in Chennai. There are 500 wells being produced across the country. The gas supply was started by a natural gas compression station after the gas rings were lifted. The event was started in cooperation with ONGC and Vedanta Private Limited. ONGC, Cairn Energy India, said gas and oil deposits were conducted and millions of barrage oil deposits have been identified. The central government has provided for the extraction of oil gases in three wells. Initially, the government has approved the removal of 40 million barrels of oil. AP Bhavan, Delhi Commissioner, Arja Srikanth, has been working hard to resolve the obstacles in oil and natural gas deposits. The state is expected to use the gas oil produced here.


ONGC Chief Managing Director (CMD) Shashi Shankar said Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL) and Mangalore Refinery Pvt Ltd (MRPL) have been merged into the Oil and Natural Gas Commission (ONGC) and the process will be completed within two years. There is a percentage. The merger of HPCL, MRPL, and ONGC is a huge merger in the oil market.

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