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May 22,(
Venu Gopal Kodumugula, MLA Raju, RS Kishan is producing the movie 'Driver Ramudu' by Master Pranav Tej in the film directed by Raj Satya. The film has recently completed the third shadows and has recently released the first release of the film. Now, the first teaser is released. Success Full Hero Sudheer Babu's driver Rama released the first teaser.


Later Sudhir Babu said, "I love Shakala Shankar, a comedian in the comedians and Shakalaka Shankar is a comedian with one film, which means that the comedy of the film is perfect and now he is coming in as the hero, which means that the comedy is fantastic in this movie. I am very happy that I am released, producing Venu Gopal Kondama My wishes for Raju, MM Raju, RS Kishan and director Raj Satya, Driver Ramudu is a good hit. "

Speaking on the occasion, director Raj Sathya said, "We are going to show a new moment in Shankar, who has been laughing at the Telugu audience. Shankar Marc comedy combines action scenes with the film to be emotionally connected to audiences. Out of the foot is very good. Good luck to release our movie teaser, Sudhir Babu. The movie will be for everyone. "

 The producers said, "Good luck to release our driver Ramudu film teaser Sudhir Babu and they are very good at watching the teaser and we are going to have a special show for Sudhir Babu and release the film soon," he said... Shankar, Anipal Singh, Pradeep Rawat, Nazar, Thagubothu Ramesh, Dhan Raj and Mahesh Vitta are playing the lead roles.

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