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Khammam, April 11, (
The governments in the Khammam Corporation have become an upset due to the way the officials and the representatives of the public. As a result, people are struggling. There are 50 corporates in the corporation, 43 of them are TRS. The state government is allocating Rs 100 crores annually to Khammam Corporation. Taxes are more than Rs 100 crores in revenue. IAS officer is a Commissioner and there are 43 official corporators who are not able to provide people with comfortable governance.
Corporates, the Commissioner's Left. Corporators are like a festive idol. Meyer plays audiences. Previously, as the corporation commissioner, Srinivas was granted the certificate and permits. Then the corporates ran to Hawa. They put pressure on the authorities to do what they said. There are also allegations of commissions from contractors. This is the same as some officers who did not monitor commissions.
After the commissioner arrived, corruption was reduced and employees started to function properly. It worked a little bit harder. As a result, there are criticisms that people are suffering. In the corporation, the cc cameras are set up in each department and the employees are constantly monitoring the movements of the commission. However, there is a serious delay in each work. Civil services are stalled by the commissioner's delay. People are suffering. Corporations for birth and death certificates Despite the death of the house, the commissioner is rejecting the applicants' certificate. Many certificates are asking for the amendment. The people and people are suffering a lot of death certificates. 


Building construction permits are pending for months. The condition of mutations is ... In a way, civic services in Khammam Corporation are stuck. The LRS does not even provide sorting documents. People are deeply troubled by the governance of the corporation. As the bills are not given to contractors, trash makers do not even turn up. The tenders have called tenders for tendering operations, but the tenders do not have to submit tenders. Will the Minister pay attention to these issues? The interest is there.
Srinivas Ramagundam was transferred and IAS officer Sandeep Kumar Jha became Corporation Commissioner. Soon afterward, steps were taken against corrupt officials. Later the corporates were tightened. They did not listen to what they said. Corporates have also been unable to do their jobs. Licensed surveyors do not come to the corporation's office. The bills were stopped by contractors who did not work properly. Thus the distance between the corporates and the Commissioner increased. Corporates have turned into festivities that cannot be worked out.

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