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Karimnagar, April 14, (
The panchayat election in the Telangana villages has warmed up and the elections will be held for the village panchayats soon after the announcement of the CM KCR in the village of an early panchayat. This time the elections are a direct policy ... the indirect policy is coming soon. With the promotion of election notification soon, the politics is getting warmer. The village panchayat is the latest in the village with the campaign for the panchayat elections in February. The same will be held for the newly emerging gram panchayats. With the formation of new panchayats and panchayat election manifesto, there is a political campaign in the villages. The time is approaching in the village panchayat war. The government is determined to hold the election in a timely manner since the ruling classes are dead. Thus, the district administration is making arrangements for the management of the gram panchayats in Karimnagar district. The district was limited to 16 zones. 53 new panchayats in 276-gram panchayats have recently been approved in the Bill of Panchayat Act. The number of panchayats in the district has increased. Jammikunta and Huzurabadadu, who are major panchayats, have been nominated as Minorities. The six-gram panchayats are going to merge. Apart from this, 16 villages are getting away from panchayat status in the district due to the villages of Karimnagar corporation. 


The number of the 276-gram panchayats in the district has reached 260. The state panchayats in the district became the cover of the panchayats in the district after the state government simultaneously adopted the new panchayat raj and new panchayat. Some panchayats receive a new status, some villages merging into their limits, and 313-gram panchayats are all set up in the district. The district administration is getting ready for electoral management while the gram panchayat is on July 31. About 8,500 personnel from different departments were collected. The Tea-Poll website has been included in the election-related issues. The printing centers that are available at the district level have been identified for printing the ballot paper needed for voting. Their reports are reported to the superiors. The top officials of the Election Commission have already reviewed the arrangements in the district. The ballot boxes used for the polls in various segments in Gila were brought from Maharashtra. There are 878 large and 745 small cans of 1630 in the district. 2774 ballot boxes were brought to the district from four constituencies in Maharashtra. In addition to the cans in the district, 1898 cans are required. The 952 is smaller and the largest is 946. The total number of raised panchayats, including 1433 largest cans and 1341 small cans, was brought to the district with a total of 2774 ballot boxes. These are replicated in the goddess. With this, 1433 largest cans, 878 large and 2086 tiles are now ready for the election.

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