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Warangal, April 14, (
World-class intellectual doctor BR Ambedkar Jayanti is celebrating the whole country. Deputy Chief Minister and Education Minister Kadiyam Srihari said the Dalits were great today. Dr. BR Ambedkar paid a tribute to Ambedkar idol at Warangal on the occasion of the 127th birthday on Saturday. MPs Sitaram Nayak, Banda Prakash, ZP Chairperson Gaddala Padma, Mayor Nannappaneni Narendar, MLAs Dasyam Vinay Bhaskar, Challa Dharma Reddy, Kuda chairman Marri Yadava Reddy, Collectors Amrapali, Haritha, Warangal Municipal Corporation Commissioner Gautam and other officials participated in this event. Kadiyam Srihari said that the great great person of the constitution of the world's largest democratic country is BR. Ambedkar. He has granted all rights to all sections of the Constitution. The untouchables, the weakest, the great man who made a reservation for Dalits. Some people are fighting against these reserves. He said that these anti-reservation fighters should be condemned seriously. Previously, there was a Civil Protection Act, which was to take action when rape and murder of Dalits. 


But in 1989, the Prevention of Attitudes Act was passed by Ram Vilas Paswan as Social Justice Minister. It is a tremendous law that has been brought with great intent to prevent preventive measures before taking action after rape and murder. Recently, the Supreme Court also ruled that the reservation would be diluted by dilution of Dalit rights. The Supreme Court has to come to the rescue of the weak sections, but it is a bad way to dilute their rights. The constitution is not systemic, as well as the judicial system. The Supreme Court ruled that 50% of a reservation was over. In fact, this provision does not exist in the constitution, "he said. The Supreme Court has yet to withdraw the verdict of dalit rights. Otherwise, it becomes a problem of peace and security. Dalits have already come across the roads and are concerned. Many of these Dalits died. He told the court that who is responsible for these deaths? There is a feeling that anti-Dalits are coming in the Supreme Court without Dalits. If there is no law even POA, the culprits are not punished. Even if the amendments are made by the POA Act, the objective will change. It's meaning changes. Henceforth, the center should intervene to ensure that such judgments are not to be implemented. Subsequently, the Nehru Youth Center was built behind Warangal Bus Station.

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