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Amaravati, April 23, (
Minister Nara Lokesh participated in the Cyber Security Industry Consultancy program in the Secretariat. The event was also attended by CEOs of various companies offering cyber security services. There was a discussion on the design of the Cyber Security Policy. The minister informed the views of CEOs of various companies on the policy to attract cybercrime companies to Andhra Pradesh. Speaking to the minister, the Andhra Pradesh government is using a vast technology. Real-time governance is running. 10 lakhs of IOT equipment are being used. With the help of technology, we provide many services to the people with the help of technology. We are in the process of bringing paperless governance. As technology consumption increases, there is a risk of cyber attacks. That is why we have focused on cyber security. The policy is aimed at protecting the state government's key information and attracting large investments in the cybersecurity sector. 


At the time of division of Andhra Pradesh, 99 percent of IT companies remained in Telangana. Many policies have been offered to IT development in the state. The goal is to create lakhs IT jobs for 2019. Visakhapatnam is the third clean city in the country and now it becomes IT hub. Visakhapatnam has come from big companies such as Franklin Templeton and Contuentent. Amravati comes with data centers on HCL, Tirupati ki zoho came. We are working to prepare the next generation warriors in cyber security. Every month we run the hackathons. We are going to be trained to get jobs in cyber security for students. He said the focus was on developing advanced technology. The minister said the training will soon begin in partnership with consolidation company led by Leader in Black Chain Technology. The Andhra Pradesh Cyber Security Operations Center will be launched today. This is the first step. Cyber security services are also being offered to other states. We are going to provide subsidies for industry needs. I met with you on the idea of creating a policy for your needs. Soon you will have a cybersecurity policy to invest in the state.

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