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 Amravati April 11 (
 We control the prices of essential commodities and generic drugs. If the ration is not taken, the card will not be canceled. Do not pay extra for gas. Rs 6 lakh compensation for dies at a gas accident. Social audit on ration distribution. Cancellation of ration denomination. Civil Supplies Minister Prathi Pati Rao.The state level vigilance committee chairman and civil aviation minister Prathipati Pulla Rao has called on the people to strengthen. The minister spoke at the state level vigilance committee meeting held from Tuesday to afternoon at the Secretariat 5th Block Conference Hall. Customers should be careful about the quality of goods, prices, weights and measurements. He said the prices of rising essential commodities would be controlled by high prices of generic drugs. The tamarind price in the market has gone up. 


The Ration Shop dealers association should be controlled by the Ration Deposits without any fraudulent ration mines. Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu said, "We do not want to distribute rice and  the crops in the harvest without taking rice. In the East and West Godavari districts, the people are suffering from the rice that is being distributed in the two districts so that the rice is not illegal. Talking to farmers in other areas, the policy will be followed. Farmers' accounts are in cash within 48 hours of the purchase of grain. The new ration cards, transfers, names, addresses and other details of the changes are pending 38 thousand pending and said they will be given in 15 days. The minister expressed the view that it would be better to sell three types of goods in the Chandranna village malls and the same type of standard quality, rather than the three types. Reliance and KPMG also ordered the minister to call them this time. In the ration depot, customers will be given a photo identity without difficulty. We are now running for students, and we will run in the ration depot. One person died in Ananthapur due to gas cylinder accidents and said that property damage was done in Chilakaluripeta. The minister ordered the authorities to set up compensation for the victims. Members were brought to the attention of the Minister of Fraud by the name of  Mark. There is a pure gold of only 650 grams  in two kilos of gold sold by a big business. All the marks are available, but members need to know how pure gold is. According to the report, 5 labs will be set up soon to find gold in the state. The district level vigilance committees will also be appointed soon.
Do not pay extra for gas: Commissioner Rajasekhar
            Citizenship Commissioner Budhti Rajeshekhar said the gas distributor should pay the bill and pay extra for the bill. In this case, the user wants to control them. If anyone dies due to a gas cylinder accident, Rs 6 lakh per person per death, medical expenses of up to Rs 30 lakh for a single accident and Rs.2 lakh for loss of property. He said he would not cancel and cancel the card even if he did not take ration rice and other goods for several months. There are 40 lakh ration cards in the state, of which 9 crore cards are in use. Around 20 lakh cardholders have benefited from the possibility of accessing goods in another area. EPOS server issues have been solved. He said kerosene was canceled due to a gas connection to the houses. Ration Depot dealers have been hired too and some dealerships have been given a notification for replacement. Very few depots have not been replaced due to legal issues. Chandranna village malls will be set up in the first phase of the district by July 2012. The social audit is being conducted in the same manner as it is done in the employment guarantee scheme to find customer satisfaction. The Association said that they should take appropriate steps to prevent the incursions in the ration depot. Warned that such depots will be canceled. Customers have said that the problem is toll free number 1100.
Give Palmail
            Members of the committee have been asked to provide district and zonal level vigilance committees to palm through the ration depot. Gas Delivery BVS is demanding additional cylinder from Rs 30 to Rs 40 and is required to pay Rs 150 to Rs 200 in tribal areas. In some places, the ration shops are not bogged down. Gold products, textiles, gift articles, and generic drugs have been shown to boost sales. In the hospitals too, no medicine is being exploited. Asked to focus on hospitals. The Department of Wealth and Measures asked them to intensify checks. The Consumer Magazine used to help users consciously.

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