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Bangalore, April 4, (
New moon sentiment in Kannada. Karnataka Assembly polls hot. We are already busy with Modi, and the Kannadians. That's Tamil brothers… Is not like DMK. At least national parties have not dared to see. In AP, Telangana, the sentiment will fall. The other is put in the power of the same. Now, both of these people are involved in the people in Karnataka. Leaders who are sure to win the lotus up till the very day, the tongue is so ragged... thooch ... Now the Congress has changed the route. The reason for this is the main reason for the KCR to the Muslim Reservation Bill. 


The reasons for opposition to Modi are given to shock in the case of Chandrababu status. The BJP has lost the state in the state of Kannada, with the effect that two chiefs want. If there is a BJP defeat then the third alliance in the center is strong. If the defeat is defeated, the BJP's strength will rise. However, most of the people in Karnataka are affected by the ST and the SSL's win. However, Hinduism is also strong. On the other hand, Telugu people are influenced by Jayaprakash in about 40 constituencies. That's why the Telugu people were focused on the election in May. However, the election flaws are coming out... May 15th... The day became a new moon and the Congress and the BJP were caught up in the moon. That's why… adorations to get out of it … I'm going to do the bargains ... and this calculation of the luck of the new luck ... But the profit is going to be gain our Telugu CM’s!!

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