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April 27, (
In the presentation of KSP Productions banner, Dr. S Keerthi, Dr.G Parthasarathi Reddy is jointly producing the movie 'Neethone Hai Hai'. BN Reddy Abhinaya is the director. Arun Tej and Charisma Srikar are acting as hero and heroine. The first schedule of this film was successfully completed in Hyderabad. Speaking on the occasion, director BN Reddy Abhinaya said, With the full cooperation of our producers, the first schedule was successfully completed in Hyderabad neighborhoods places. Actors and technicians were able to get the idea of supporting it. We will start the second schedule from 20th of this month. In this schedule of ten days, we will make a song along with talkie. The whole of the talkie part is completed. Two songs from May three are planned to be shot in Munnar in Kerala and another song in Vizag. The love story of the people of the money and the mood of the middle class is interesting to know how the love story is made by mixing this picture. "
Filmmakers Fame, Dr. G. Parthasarathy Reddy said ... "BN Reddy's performance in the film industry is amazingly the first schedule of the film is done without trouble. We are working in all ways to make the film grandly without compromising on any matter. There is a belief that as producers, we will make a good name for us as a director. We hope that our unit will cooperate in future schedules. The item song shot on Krishna Priya will be a special attraction for the film. "


Filmmakers Yalamanchili Praveen said, "This movie is going with senior actors and talented technicians. Director BN Reddy is thrilled with the immense experience of the film industry. The famous neurologist Dr.S Keerti, the gynecologist Dr.G. Parthasarathy Reddy is producing this film without compromise. "
Anand, Banerjee, Edida Sriram, Jayachandra, Ratna Prabha, Sripraya, Jabardasth Ram Prasad, Jabardasth Pawan, Adapa Rama Rao, Ravi Anand and others are also produced by DOP.Edara Prasad; Music Director: Ravi Kalyan; Lyrics Venkata Balagoni, Praveen; Choreography: sai raj; Production Controller Matta Krishna Reddy; Co-director: Naveen; Fights Ravi; Artbubrau PRO Ramesh Chandu; Associate director Mahesh; Assistant Director: Venkat D, Sisindri; Publicity Designer Image 7; Makeup: BN Babu; Costumes dark Submission: Yelamanchili Praveen; Producers: Dr.S Kirti, Dr.G.Parthasarathy Reddy; Story-Screenplay Play-Dialogs-Direction: BN Reddy Abhinaya.

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