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Hyderabad, April 3, (
The good masters of the Telangana movement .. Then kcr got rid of it. The tira state was formed.  ..  when KCR got into the   seat as the Chief Minister .. Master .. as an  traitor .. Telangana is trying to portray the ruling party's efforts. The movement ran on three of the funds, water and appointments. The aims of these three instruments are the desire of the activists to govern. But the next day after the post of KCR, the 2019 winner aimed at the goal. The voices of the opposite are brought to the throat. At the same time, Nayana and Bhayana did not even get the result of the Kondandaram. This led to the suspension of the Political JAC. And there are allegations that they have made up for themselves. But the master ... nothing to do with the masterpiece out of the caste. The Dalit groups tried to distance themselves. But every time .. the masters have been faced with the movements. The High Court was approached to achieve rights. Thus the TRS Kodandaram is a Congress agent and has been criticized for criticism. It is at this time that the party announces  the pink party is born in the heart. There is growing opposition among the people already on KCR. But do not get out of it.


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