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April 28, (
Actors: Nagashaurya .. Sai Pallavi .. Vironika Arora .. Gandhari Nitin .. Priyadarsi .. Santhana Bharathi .. Rekha .. Ravi .. Stunt Silva and others
Music: Sam CS
Producer: Aliraja Subashkaran
Direction: AL Vijay
Each director is a director in taking a horror film. If someone feared comedy, some frightened with full horror elements. Some of the sentiment is mixed. Director  Vijay , who is going to make films different from routine, Dia has released this film in Telugu Kanam. Young hero Nagasaurya, Fida Beauty Sai Pallavi, got a craze for the movie. And the particle is frightened? Having hit Nagasauri?
The story is: Krishna (Nagasauri), Thulasi (Sai ​​Palli) are in love in college. Thulasi is pregnant before their marrage. Adults who marry at the younger age are forced to abortion. For two years, the two are kept uncomfortable. After the completion of the study, they will be married to both. But when Abortion five years ago, Thulasi is suffering from a dead child. The baby is named Dia when she is in the stomach. Krishna arrives in his life and will be in Tulasi. But the baby Dia is ... She will have to take revenge on those who are away from her mother. What did Thulasi do about the child ? How did she protect her husband? Is the rest of the story.
How is it: this is the story of the soul .. The vengeance is going on in the background. The director took the point to the fateful killings. Hatsaf should tell the idea that the embroidery in the stomach will be alive and that the mother wants to get a look and feel. It is also old to go to the infant's body and kill them. But the soul moves the viewer to be an embryo. The soul is always lamenting for the call of Amma. The scene for these scenes has been emotionally attributed to thrilling elements, including a mother sentiment. Interval moves all. B ..! The movie is a little bit of what the abortion is. Usually in the cinemas, the ghosts can be afraid of the ghosts.


The story slows down at the beginning of the second half. The story goes further after Dia Target knows what. Climax is the director of the story. There also highlighted the emotional bonding between the daughters of the mother. The wife's quest to show her husband was well shown in the second half. The climax is new, it's a touching heart.
How many of the film goes around three characters. Krishna, Thulasi and Diala story. Sai Pallavi is a mother and wife. Prior to Interval, Sai Pallavi performance in Climax should be Fida. Nagashaurya was impressed by this time. Papa Veronica acting as Diagea performs. Priyadarsi appears as an SI. Initially his role was a bit comedy. Seriousness was brought to the end.
The film is good as well. Especially the background score is super. Can you tell a story in the background of fatal killings? Feels. Hats Off has to tell the director's idea and his approach.
Plus points
+ Nagashaurya, Sai Pallavi, Dialas acting
+ Technical Standards
+ Climax
Minus Points
- Regular viewers may not like it

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