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Kamareddy, April 13, (
The Chief Minister, who has the right to think about the well-being of the farmers and bring back the lives of the farmers. State Agriculture Minister Pocharam Srinivasa Reddy said the government is the first government in the world to offer Rs.4000 for people. On Thursday, he organized an awareness conference on the distribution of checks on the "farmer's Bandh" scheme in the Gurjakunta village of Bhiknur district. The minister said that a survey of the Nizam's landslide survey was done. 86 years later, our chief minister strengthened and successfully reconstructed the landmarks and made records efficiently. If the government has ordered to correct landless cases, it is sad to keep records in some places. Revenue records are standard for distribution of farmers' checks, so the revenue authorities are required to correctly record the details of their land. Some officials warned that if the authorities were negligent on duty, they would take stringent action. We are not angry at anyone. The public welfare is important to our government. The authorities should be in a friendly environment with people.


Without the need for debt, the government will provide the investor with the money needed to hire the entrepreneurs for higher interest. For every season, Rs. The government will provide Rs.4000 as an advance investment. In each village, the village is set up and distributed checks in the festive atmosphere. He said 15 counters would be set up for easy distribution of checks. The number of farmers in the village is expected to be equal to these 15 counters. Only four and five farmers are given checks on stage after the gram sabha. The next local legislator will go to each counter and send it to every farmer, "the minister said. In addition to taking advantage of this process, it is convenient for farmers. Farmers can change their checks on their favorite bands. If the old arrears are available, the bank officials will provide all the money to farmers without having to deposit. When the legislator left the village and went to another village, he said that mandal and village level officers would be in the place and the rest of the program would be completed. Prior to the Gram Sabha program, "Our Agriculture - Our Telangana" The Telangana state government will provide all types of supporting assistance to farmers. Quality of electricity is provided for 24 hours. From next year we will provide irrigated water for crops through crops through Krishna and Godavari rivers. Farmers' Scheme for advance investment in cultivation is Rs. 4000 is offered. We have bought 2.70 lakh metric tons for the first time in history. The Minister suggested farmers get out of the borrowing money.

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