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Warangal, Nalgonda, April 10, (
There are no cash reserves in ATMs. So, people suffering a lot due to that. Bank officials also issued a number of restrictions on withdrawal from checks or withdrawals from banks. The 'Home Branch' accounts are the first priority and the restrictions on other branch offices are being implemented to a maximum of 10 thousand rupees. In some districts of the state, cash troubles are resuming. Particularly in the Sangaradi district, there are currency difficulties. Where do you see no cash boards? This is because people are paying for cash for banks. We're getting money now ... people are struggling. Most ATMs do not work. Where do you see no cash boards? Without swiping machines being available, cashless transactions are also marginalized. The ATMs are either people or people who are losing money in banks. The minimum requirements for milk, vegetables, and essentials are also dabbled. The new two-two-rupee notes are limited in circulation and the rest are murky in the hiding places. Recently, the newly arrived two hundred rupees notes are similar in size. In recent times, the media has been increasingly mobilized by the media, and the latest news is that they have been alerted after the news of the evacuation and drawn the bank stored in the bank, and the amount of money to the bank daily has declined. 


He said that the situation in the towns is not an option because the non-cash transactions are an alternative, but in villages, people are more likely to suffer from banks, pesticide, and daily agricultural needs, and the bank will not have enough money. The banknote was initially darned in front of banks, but it was stressed that due to the fact that it was noticed during the first half of the year, On the one hand, the release of farmers' checks and the beginning of the academic year, he said, the shortage of banknotes would be a bit problematic, but in some cases, there is a shortage of banknotes. For some time, the Finance Department has reviewed the cash balance issue in the state before the Budget Session. The meeting between the Chief Secretary and the SBI Chief General Manager (Hyderabad Circle) on the situation was discussed at the Secretariat and discussed the possibility of improving the availability of banknotes at the time of farmers' checks, as well as the cash withdrawal of the farmers in the bank. The government has suggested that all the banks have to suggest that the issue should be given to the foreclosures after the issue of the issue of payments to the checkpoints after the issue of scarcity of the banknotes could not be improved in the near future.

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