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 Warangal, April 13, (
The corporate and private schools have started business with the names of Benami. Though the business is going through a lot of crores, the criticism that the commercial is looking at the eye is a great deal. The school can also be used to print the text, note books, cards, pens, pencil and books that are needed for students. This is the terms of corporate and private ownership. In some schools the students are not even inconvenient. The open market is available here. Schools are not acceptable to buy there.


 There are 830 private and corporate schools in the joint district. About 2.5 lakh students are studying from the LKG to Tenth Class. For every student note books, text books clothing and other things  are worth about Rs. 10 thousand is spent. About Rs. 20 crore business information According to the provisions of the Commercial Taxes Department, Rs. Five thousand taxes to pay. The corporate and private school business is going on zero. Whether it is business in quotes from students in the form of benami. The government does not have paise income. . More than five taxes are added to the taxes they pay. Otherwise the cases are wrong. But the merchandise does not come back. The question is why the industry officials are not focusing on the business of corporate and private schools without such permits. Business is Rs. If you exceed 7.5 lakhs correctly, you must register properly. The amount of taxes you have to trade in marketing. No bills or taxes can be taken. But they are limited to the papers. It does not. If this is true, the corporate and private schools have zero assets in the quotas without the permits of the Commercial Taxes Department. Officials argue that marketers deal with benami names, bookstores and textiles.

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