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Hyderabad, April 9, (
2019 elections are like a test for the heirs. The next elections are like a test to heirs ... who loses .. it will win .. not on them but on the greatness of the fathers. Two of the CM's sons ... already in the party and the key role in the government. Both of them are the third leader Jagan. Or should be at the center with a party that is dominated by the center. Whatever the two of these two, the impression of corruption is continually haunting. The question of giving up the hope of the future is the question. AP, Telangana experience experienced MLAs YS Rajasekhar Reddy, Chandrababu, Chandrashekhar has a good identity. It is also good at the national level. Both of them are presently present as CMs. But both are not political maturity at their parenting level. Only the father and the party are honored by party leaders and officials. On the other hand, there is nothing wrong at home. Outside the family is all one. Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are separate. But Telugu is the same. 


Leaders of Telugu states are well-trained. Every politician was talking about when they went out and came together. Very happy. The moon's heroes Ketiar and Lokesh are turning the wheel into the abductors. Although the name of the father's father, there is no criticism of being in his own eyes. Recently Congress leaders have increased the voice of Ketiar corruption. Even in the past when YS CE, Jagan left the backstage. Thousands of acres of land and crores of crores of crores of rupees have been allegedly damaged. But then the father was in power and all walked. And no one can ever do that adventure. But .. YS's death has changed the politics of Jagan's feelings. With Jagan's formation of the VPP party, the ruling coalition has become the enemy. Babu said that .. the faces of the leaders are faced with their faces. As a result, the CBI hunt began. After that, cases and charges were sent to life imprisonment, and as a result of the world's view that Jagan is the only MP, he is the corrupt and financial crimes. What are the realities of the future? If the future is powerless, the two are going to have to face cases. That's why .. Ketiar and Lokesh Babu should be in power. Or want the parties in power.

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