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Hyderabad, April 28, (
The difference between the politics of the past and the politics of the day is different. Whose seats are more important to their game. The original Telangana state has 17 MP seats. The Hyderabad MP seat is left out to the MIM ... if you think that 16 seats will be a KCR-led Telangana state committee (TRS), can these 16 seats be able to fix the national stage and direction agent? There is no clarity on who he's in the federal front that he's still present. Even if some parties come to KCR, their agent will have them. Unless they take care of their state's interests ... who are kicking the KCR agent? That is the fundamental question. The coalition government comes at a time when the party does not have a full majority in the next general election. It is well known that there is no question of the BJP and the Congress. While the coalition government is inevitable, the need to provide support for the party KCR MPs can provide two or three ministerial posts. And what is the possibility that all the leaders of other states will be okay? KCR was addressing the infrastructure and tourism sectors in the plenary on Friday. 


The new KCR, which is in power, has announced two airports in and around Hyderabad. But the new airports did not step down. There are a lot of tourist destinations in Telangana state, which has a much greater historical significance. Minimal infrastructure or tourists are often facing serious problems. The same situation in Telangana brands. The KCR, which does not focus on the creation of people's basic amenities, has been criticized for criticizing governments in the country, an official said. The problems in Telangana are not debated. The KCR strategy is to make the national agency on the screen and win any succession in the next election. At the same time, he is promoting national politics, and it is an opportunity to clear the line in the state to his son and minister Ketiar in the TRS community. Ketiar has already become known in the government. On the one hand Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu gives me 25 MPs ... the Prime Minister is going to decide me. KCR has announced a new phase and direction for national politics with 17 MP seats in Telangana. Waiting to see whose efforts are rewarded.

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