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Rajanna siricilla, March 02 (
The summer comes to the problem of drinking water in Telangana. There are many areas where people have to travel a kilometer for water. But officials believe that these difficulties will be eradicated by the mission Bhagiratha. But take a little longer to  fulfill  these hopes  in the joint Karimnagar district. Everyone opinion was to be that the water problem is mainly in the karimnagar town. Karimnagar Corporation is the only major source of drinking water supply. The disruption of the water in the reservoir has led to the the tension in the In the categories of power. The Lower Maneru water pump is taken from the reservoir and pumping to the water center.


The water in the drainage center is supplied in various ways and supplied to water storage centers in the city. Drinking water from Nalla Connections on the day of departure from here. However, water level in the lower maner reservoir is falling off. There is an inability to take water directly through the pipes. If the water level falls to five feet, it will have to pump through boosters. The dam directly supplies the water to the filtered field through the pipelines and purifies the water. But in a few days the water is also reported to fall. There is no difficulty for pumping due to the failure of the fresher and the water to the Siricilla. The Rawator will have a situation where most filters are discontinued. Drinking water may be difficult if the pipeline connections change. Everything is needed to take immediate steps to remove these problems.

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