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March 13,(
With the American president ready to impose a ten percent tariff on aluminum, 25 percent of the imported steel to the different countries are suspected to have led to a trade war. Most lawmakers in the United States are warning that the Trump decision will lead to drastic consequences. A Trump financial adviser has also resigned from the issue. However, the trump has been making tough decisions in recent years. The European Union and China warned that they would be burdened by some American goods, if the US steel and aluminum were imposed on the tariff. India, along with Mexico, Japan, Australia, South Korea and Canada have expressed concerns about the trump's proposal. European Union Commercial Commissioner Caesilla Malmström warned that they would also pay tariffs for reaction to US actions. American tshirts, beds, bicycles, tobacco and other items are being created.


 In the 1930s, there was a trade war between different countries in the face of the Great Depression. There is concern that trump action could lead to a trade war that would then be followed. Even if there is no need to fear too much, it is difficult to guess the consequences of such protection measures after one of the current economic conditions. China is also making such a list. The trump is to say that it does not belong to the other countries, if it starts with a war of tone. The tarp for two goods is a historic change in the US commercial policy. It is true that the Trump Desi hinders the imports of steel and aluminum to protect them from harm. However, these tariffs are a part of the trump's overall strategy. The trump aim is to disrupt the World Trade Center (WTO) and thus collapse the existing multinational trading system. Since Trump has taken the presidency of the America, the pieces are being used to disrupt WTO. The WTO had prevented the Commission from appointing members of the Complaints Committee. Thus the complaints are not properly investigated. In the same way, if the appointments remain, the WTO will be inactive in two years. If the international level does not have a dispensation, strong nations will suffer weaknesses. Several negotiations took place during the acceptance of globalization of countries across India. This order was created by a World Trade Center with new trade rules. India, like India, has complained that India is a WTO and has got justice. It is also seeking to impose the US tariff on goods exported from India. While India has been weakened by the WTO, the opportunity to get justice through the platform is deteriorating. In recent years India's dependence on exports and defense equipment has increased. Therefore, commercial analysts feel that India is not in a position to defy the US as China. In India, farmers have to collect and store large amounts of money by giving support price. These food stocks can be used in dull conditions. But the US is blaming the way for supporting farmers. China is supporting the US attack on India on the WTO platform. The American pro-US policies pursued by the Prime Minister are questionable. Larger countries that have developed free trade that have opened the doors of the Third World through the globalization mechanisms, have adopted trade protection policies. However, China and India and other emerging economies deal with the WTO. This is why the US and the United States are trying to express themselves. China, India and other countries must act together against these conspiracies. Globalization, simplification and privatization are more than three decades of adopting policies in the world. This will enable the developing countries to work together in order to legitimize multi-party trade. It is also good to review cuts on privatization policies and welfare schemes for savings measures. The trump systems are driven to reexamine economic policies.

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