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Hyderabad, March 12,(
Governor ESL Narasimhan said, "The Government is stepping towards the Telangana. The Governor addressed the gathering of Telangana Assembly on the sidelines of the budget session. Narasimhan said that the government is working to fulfill the hopes and expectations of the people. The Government has taken steps to provide the Godavari and Krishna water to the farmers. He said he hoped the talks would be smooth in the Assembly meetings. The construction work of the Kalesvaram project is on the war basis. The governor said the works of major and medium irrigation projects are running rapidly. He said that the government is dependent on a large population of agriculture. That is why the government has provided 24 hours free electricity for farmers. Out of the 23 lakh pump sets across the state, 24 hours of free power is being offered.


The sheep distribution scheme is being successfully taken. We are strengthening the ponds through Mission Kakatiya, and we are working hard to get the door through the machine mess. The governor said in his speech that the Government has taken a lot of challenges in the three-and-a-half years. Last year, the government had started metro rail in Hyderabad. The national highways are connected to the district and mandal highways. The government has signed a contract with 23 companies to set up industries in the Mega Textile Park to be set up in Warangal. "Taking a significant increase in electricity generation, The government has lifted power holidays to industries. The government is helping the pregnant women through KCR Kit. More than 500 new gurukul schools have been launched and several new companies are being set up in Hyderabad. The Telangana Solar Policy is a model for the country. The Telangana state government will work for the development of all sections of the Telugu Conference. 

The schemes for gold Telangana are supported. Within three years the development progresses. The government has undertaken a number of development and welfare programs. Progressing over many challenges. The state will climb in economic development. The government has succeeded in fulfilling the wishes of the people. Telangana State, the youngest in the country, has been a role model for the country. Many of the state government initiatives have gained a lot of acclaim at national and international levels. The government has taken many projects to provide irrigation to farmers. Major and medium water projects are being constructed on Krishna and Godavari waters. The government is giving high priority to the Kaleshwaram project. 23 major and 13 medium irrigation projects have been undertaken. We have restored tanks under Mission Kakatiya. Recall that the underground waters had grown up with the mission. Mission Bhagiratha has been taken to provide drinking water to the house. 95 per cent of the mission was completed. We applaud the nation over Mission Bhagirath. Several state officials come to know about the mission. Significant progress in the field of electricity. Solar power generation is the country's predecessor. We provide 24 hours of quality power to every village. We have created a record 24 hours free power supply to the farmers ... We have made progress in the economy since the formation of Telangana state. Every year we are making economic development. In the joint AP, the GSDP was only 4 per cent. It is 1.9 percent lower than the national average. After the Telangana, the situation has changed. The GDP per capita is 8.6 per cent over the last three years. GSDP has achieved 1.1 per cent higher than the national average  of 7.5 per cent. The state's per capita income is Rs. 54,000 in 2016-17. National per capita income is only Rs 3,000. A large amount of funds have been allocated for SC ST welfare. He said the economic situation has improved with government planning.

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