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Hyderabad, March 19, (
Sumanth Movie as Mystery Thriller. Producing hero Sumanth is the heroine of the movie, Subramaniam, Udaya Parvathi, which is a hit with a variety of films recently. Dhiraj Boghum and Beer Sudhakar Reddy are producing this movie under the taras film carp banner. Santosh Jagalapudi is directing. Esha is acting as the heroine. After the Pooja programs, heroi heroines Sumanth and Esha were shot in the scene by the hero Naga Chaitanya Klappinava and director Prasad Verma's camera switch. The first scene was directed by director Chandu Mondetti. Image logo AP MP JC Diwakar Reddy, hero Rajasekhar, jointly unveiled life. Sumanth said, "I do not like to jettison my movie opening ceremony. The producers have started producing two weeks after the release of this film. I do not know the 25th film until they recall. Director Santosh has read the story for two and a half hours. That's the whole film. This is a mystery thriller with a mix of super natural elements. This is the first time I'm doing the film in this zone. I'm afraid of making movies with this kind of storyline. But the story is accepted and accepted the film. When I heard the story, I looked forward to what was going on. The film's heroine Esha said that he is happy to make Sumanth, and he is making films with choosing different stories and characters. One of the producers, Dhiraj Boghum, said, "This is the 25th film in which Sumanth is acting. 


With the help of Magnus CinePrime, we are building this film through our company. Sudhakar Reddy is giving good support. It is believed that the film is sure to enjoy the audience of all sections. Director Santoshajargalapudi said that this is my first film as a director. I made three shorts before. They have received over twenty six thousand views in social media. The producers gave the opportunity to make this film by recognizing the identity they came up with. First, I wanted to tell the story to Sumanth. But he suggested that every point in the film should be cleared except songs and fights. Sumanth agreed to do the movie after about two and a half hours. Regular shooting will start from the third week of April. Music director Shekharandra said my favorite thriller is my favorite joner. Music is more important in this type of storyline. Sumanth is the first heroine to me in Telugu cinema. He was introduced to him during Gowri. I was very encouraged. He is happy to work with him. The event was attended by Beer Sudhakar Reddy, Lakshmisindhujha, SumithriPirana and others.

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