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Mumbai, March 20, (
Situation of salman heroine. Bollywood star hero Salman Khan once acted as heroine. But at least now, drinking tea is in a dubious state. Suffering from tuberculosis and being unable to heal. Her name is Pooja Dadwal. In the 1990s, Veeragati starred alongside Salman Khan. She said that Salman was still trying to ask for help. Pooja is being treated in Shividi Hospital in Mumbai for 15 days. She told her of the Bombay Times that her pain was gone. 6 months ago it was reported that there was a TB. 


I am trying to get help from Salman Khan. But it was not possible. He has the hope that he will help me a lot if he sees my video. I have been in the same hospital for 15 days. I do not have a neo paisa. Pooja dranks that the tea is also based on others. The husband and other family members reportedly sent her out of the house after she knew that she was not well. Pooja starred in Hindustan and Sindoor cinema.

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