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Bangalore, March 23, (
Rahul in Karnataka. AICC president Rahul Gandhi has not left Karnataka. He took Karnataka elections prestigiously. Rahul's visit in Karnataka is a reflection of the party's ranks. He has also politicized. He toured the area where he supported his grandmother and recalled his past. Similarly, like the Gujarat elections, he visits the pillars, chapels and mosques. The Congress party is planning to put the Congress flag on the Kannada fort in any situation. Rahul's tour is in Chikkamagaluru and Hassan districts. The party leaders were happy to attend Rahul's tour with large volunteers. Rahul is trying to eliminate the naturally opposite opposition to being a ruling party. National politics is often mentioned. He is criticizing Prime Minister Modi too. Everyone is trying to be a milestone in the Congress. Rahul Gandhi did not even leave the former prime minister, Deve Gowda. 


Hassan is the Bronze castle to party. There Rahul did not rebuke the fire. Dhegowda party will take the help of the BJP to win the Rajya Sabha elections. Rahul described the Deva Gowda party as BJP's Bee Party. He said that the Congress would certainly win in 2019 elections. The battle between the Kauravas and Pandavas in the Karnataka assembly polls, Rahul said, "Rahul visited the Sringeri peak in his visits. He received the blessings of Sringeri Sarada Dean  Bharati Tirtha Swami. He came to the Sharadamba temple as a traditional attachment to Panche and Dho. Rahul's tour was brought in the Karnataka Congress. Party leaders have a dream to win with Rahul's tour. The electoral heat of the Karnataka elections was due to take place this year. BGP toppers are also visiting the state.

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