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Vijayawada, March 28, (
Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu once again broke into the seat of the assembly on the special status and division guarantee. Chandrababu said in the Legislative Assembly on Wednesday ... "If they give notices on the no-confidence motion, they are saying that the order is not in the order. Is not the Center responsible for discussing infidelity? Questioned. He reiterated that there would be no compromise for the rights of the AP. At this time, the need for the people to be integrated, everyone called Blackbirds to be up to April 6 and called for people to be conscious. The Chief Minister said that the party will not be invited to the all-party meeting held on Tuesday. We are constantly calculating the value of the payments and the UCs have given Rs 1500 crore for the capital. Some of the BJP leaders are saying that they have not been sent to UC and why they are doing such campaigns.


. Asked whether he was the Assembly's Chief Minister today, he asked Prime Minister Modi to answer. Why the AP is so distorted to the center and the people of Andhra Pradesh did what wrong done to Babu. Why not answer when no guarantees are executed or the answer to the center? "He said. At the time of division, anger, disgrace and suffering had appeared at a meeting of all the unions yesterday, except for the NCP, Jasseena and BJP. Chandrababu said that people do not mind that MPs are fighting in Parliament. People believe in the Prime Minister's words, and whoever believes should be tell  them. Does the Center not support the loan in AP, and does the Center make a loan in UP? Chandrababu said.

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