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Kurnool, March 17, (
NTR scheme was not going forward. NTR's housing scheme has introduced adequate barriers to TDP. Under NTR Rural Housing Scheme Rs. 1.50 lakhs under the NTR Rural Scheme. 2 lakhs, NTR Urban Housing Scheme under Rs. 3.50 lakhs have been allocated for each house building. The central government is required to release funding for the production of material, labor and personal toilet. Rs. 23 finger material, Rs. 18 thousand labor bills, Funds should be financed under the Employment Guarantee Scheme for the construction of 15 thousand private toilets. According to the information given by the NTR scheme, the Center is giving an extraordinary gift to Chandranna as the center has given them the funds to be paid to the pension. Already Rs. 50 crore bills have been stalled. 


Poor families who want to fulfill their own dream remain desperate. The beneficiaries are going to be lobbied if the bills are not granted in full-size housing. In the first installment, we are waiting for bills for seven months by completing the sanctioned housing structures. Under NTR Rural Housing Scheme Rs. The liabilities were not released to the beneficiaries of the Central Government and Labor Bills. With the hope that bills will come from private individuals, the structures are being taken up and now they are going around the government office and banks. The pressure from the creditors has increased their debt. On the other hand, the bills allotted by the state government to the beneficiaries who built homes in the second installment were not properly received. The beneficiaries want the government to react and release the bills so far.

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  1. Sir housing bills beneficiaries ki in time lo Ravadam ledhu bill amounts vachesthai ani papam bayata nunchi appulu chesi Mari kattukuntunnaru.Meeru bills late ga Banks lo veyyadam valla interests perigipothunnai pls in time lo bills banks ku vachela guidelines ap housing corporation ki evvandi.