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London, March 24, (
Modern arrangements for Facebook. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said that powerful measures are being taken to make the security features more effective on Facebook. In the background of universal elections, he said that the security features are going to be stronger than that. He explains that the Cambridge Analtica, a UK-based company, has been accused of taking advantage of Facebook users and influenced by the US election. Facebook has already been working on detecting counterfeit Facebook accounts through Artificial Intelligence (AI) for it. He said that the polls would be affected by the polls and the publishers would be put on the papers. We have identified 30,000 fraudulent accounts by AI which we have prepared after the 2016 election, which accounts are linked to the Russians. 


In the United States, Russia has affected the Facebook fake accounts in the US elections, but after that they have been forced into the French election by artificial intelligence. He also said that in the last year's Alabama election, he has used the new AI tools to fake accounts. Now that election is not going to be a new AI for the upcoming elections in India, Brazil and other countries. It is noteworthy that Zuckerberg made these remarks in the wake of India's warning that Zuckerberg will face difficult situations when it comes to affecting the election. Dissociation and its staff are developing new technologies to identify counterfeit accounts and employers to review fake accounts. He said the staff were doubling the security and privacy issues. Another 20,000 employees will be taken for security and content review, he said. On the other hand, thousands of apps in Facebook are being reviewed.

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