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JAYALALITHA'S DEATH MYSTERY WAS NOT YET REVEALED   Some of the issues revealed before the inquiry disclosed by shashikala

Chennai March 21 (
The mystery behind Jayalalithaa's death has not gone further. Though doctors say that she has died due to unhealthy reasons, some Anna DMK  leaders blamed the conspiracy behind Amma's death. The trial commission was headed by Justice Arumugaswamy to investigate her death. She was briefed in the jail as part of the investigation. She told a few things to her, who told her close associate, what happened on the day the former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa was admitted to hospital. Jayalalitha with a severe fever suggested that doctors had to come to the hospital but she refused. She lost her consciousness at night and told her that she was taken to hospital in emergency situations.


 "At 9.30 pm on September 22, 2016, Jayalalitha went to the bathroom to make a brush. She had a fever already. She was called to help me in the bathroom when she fell down. I immediately went and took Jayalalitha from the bathroom and got   on the bed. Then she lost consciousness. So I phone our relative Dr. Shivakumar. The doctor came and tested Jayalalithaa. Then Apollo hospital vice chairperson Pratireddy's husband called Vijay Kumar Reddy and requested an ambulance and two ambulances arrived in 15 minutes. Jayalalithaa has been taken to the hospital in an ambulance. She got consciousness in the middle of the road. I asked him where to go. That morning, Dr. Sivakumar Jayalalithaa was tested twice. Amma did not admit that she wanted to come to the hospital. She has lost her consciousness at night, "said Shashikala. In the first week of September 2016, she said that she was treated by the surgeon due to increased levels of sugar. Even after recovery, She had a fever again on September 19. There was news that no one was allowed to see Jayalalithaa during the hospital. But it is unrealistic, "he said. On October 22, 2016, then Governor Vidyasagar Rao saw Jayalalithaa. 'Then she looked at the governor on the couch and raised her hand. The governor told me this matter. " On September 22-27, the Anna DMK leaders said they had seen Paneerselvam, Tambidurai and Vijay Bhaskar. There were also four leaders who had seen Jayalalithaa. Sashikala told them that she had taken her permission. They have submitted to the Commission. Jayalalithaa was admitted to Apollo Hospital on December 5, 2016 with serious illness.

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