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Hyderabad,March 9,(
A few days, on the special status of Andhra Pradesh, Either of the guarantees given by the Modi government didn't full fill the guarantees Furious, TDP ministers resign from the union cabinet to protest against unfairness in Andhra Pradesh CM Chandrababu Naidu announced.In the state, two BJP ministers also submitted their resignations.On current political conditions, Leading actress Mohan Babu and director Koratla Siva responded to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's tweet.What's going on about special status?Is a special status for the state of Andhra The Telangana government also gives full support to the issue.On this discussion, you didn't take any desition.Would it be only an AP sentiment? Mohan Babu tweeted to Narendra Modi.However, the famous director Koratala Siva was also angry with BGP on not getting special status, he also responded by Twitter.


Congress has cheated on the division.Narendra Modi cheated by believing that he will do justice to you.The AP peoples have been burning with the right to say that they have the right lesson.However, the director of the movie Koratala Shiva, who has made several notable films, The tweet of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has now become a sensation.Director Koruthala Shiva has blamed the stubborn attitude of the Center in the implementation of division guarantees.The Center is floating on Wednesday that there is no special status for the AP, The Prime Minister also made a direct reference to Modi as a social media venue on the demands of Telangana.In a recent release of his film teaser, Mahesh's dialogues have been posted on Twitter and Facebook accounts for the Prime Minister."We have reminded Prime Minister Narendra Modi that we have given the guarantees previously given to Andhra Pradesh .. Let him become a man... Are you honestly that Telugu states are an integral part of India .. sir? For Modi, the Koratala Siva was posted in her official social media accounts.

Especially Superstar Mahesh Babu is the hero Koratala Shiva Combination I am Bharat movie upcoming.The film's teaser was released recently.Mahesh Babu has a dialogue. "My mother told me I was a kid.Once promised and missed the word... You're Not Called A Man" As soon as the Center concluded that the AP cannot be given the status, Modi responded by posting a dialogue on the short story of Modi in social media.people are sharing his post.Nationals appreciate him for questioning about AP rights, posting the right dialogue at the right time.

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