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Hyderabad, March 29, (
GST 3 will do with Sri Reddy. Bhoot bungalow movie director Ajay Kaundinya has controversial comment on actress Sri Reddy who revealed the dark part of Tollywood. The directors and producers of the Telugu film industries have been criticized for commenting on the comments made by Sri Reddy as Brokers. Sri Reddy Did you have Common Sense? People know that there is an actress called Sri Reddy, which is the greatest of the producers of directors. He has used me for 15 years of industry and has used it, but I do not want you to send another nude videos. I do not want to work outside. They create sensation to not going to give a chance to Telugu girls who come to the Telugu industry. Do you know the producer is difficult to make a film? Said. The heroine is going to get it .. the ones that make up the producer will have four money. Who knows you? I'm telling you that I'm a porn star. 


Have you ever seen your face in the mirror? Who is ask me to be a Leader? It's the director who wants to play a role. Will he match those who fit that role? how you can asked me to give particular role. Suppose the producer's intellect is really ready to ask you something. Everyone knows that it is generating generations in the industry. However, Sri Reddy is going to be in a single industry or not in every field. A Producer Tells Your Nude Videos asked . Reveal those videos. If the TV channels can not broadcast those videos, please post it on your Face Book ... and do not get hit by this mask. There is a common sense that many small children are looking for TVs.
You know that you used them .. But they eat food .. They go to pubs with them .. go to foreign cars ... go to foreign trips .. cars are gifted ... fifteen years have they done all that they put on the road now? Okay i will give you have never given any director bumper offer .. Sri Reddy to the character of the GST 2  to me .. The National Award is a knife of story. The heroine of the character is looking for. The name of the film 'GST 2' will tell you to act in this movie ... if you see how much money I give you. Director Ajay Kaundinya has made sensational comments on Sri Reedy that you are offering this offer because you say you will do porn movie.

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