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Hyderabad, March 28, (
 The ration is made of handmade arrangements without misleading the goods. In fact, every revenue officer will visit ration debris and check whether the rest are stored and the remaining items will be allocated next month. But the subsidy rice is misleading with the lack of oversight of the officers. Subsidy rice is a step away from the Aadhaar connectivity, along with the cameras and biometric systems.
The rice scheme for the Rupee is being introduced by the state government and spends millions of funds. In the government surveys, some officials and racist duties are turning away the poor rice, although this scheme is being implemented successfully for three poor people. The government came to the attention that the dealers were able to move all the goods to the black market without surplus. According to the relevant authorities, 442 ration shops will be able to save up to 30% of ratios if they run biometric procedure along with the CC cameras and Aadhaar connectivity at stock points. The beneficiaries of ration cards have to buy and sell goods. In the deadline, how many users will come to the shops and take the goods. The government has provided a possibility for June 30, while 100% food security cards have been incorporated in the district. This will prevent ration illegals. There are 2,74,000 food security cards in the district. There are 442 ration cards. These stores have supplies from 6 stock points in the district to other goods. The government distributes 5600 metric tons of foodgrains to 2,74,000 lakh food security cards from stock points in New Groups, Bhadrachalam, Palwancha, Dammapeta, Venkatapuram and Ashwapuram for 23 Mandals in the district.


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