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Jagityala, March 5 (News)
Recently in the Jagityala district, farmers are not getting full agricultural loans. Farmers say that the situation is not the same as the Jagithyala, but the whole district. Karimnagar, Peddapalli and Rajannasirisilla districts are said to have not been lending to banks. Joint Karimnagar District is a farm based area. About 80 percent of farm families are informed. Most farmers are looking for interest in crop investors. Banks start lending from the month of May in respect of rainy season. Banks have been liable to lend Rs 2,671.44 crore to the farmers in the four districts. The farmers felt that loans would be as good as hopes. But their hopes did not last long. Banks have provided loans only Rs 1,998.77 crore. It is only 74.79 per cent of the target. That's why the farmers is getting worse. As the bank does not get a loan, high interest rates are getting lodged and livestock


On the other hand, Karimnagar district was the largest lender for the target of Rs 134.40 crore. The farmers were given some relief. Banks in the other three districts have siphoned up to sixty percent of the loan, and most of the farmers have no financial problems. Only Rs. 510.42 crore was sanctioned for Rs. 1780.93 crore in the yield of Yasangi. It is just 28.63 percent of the target. In case of two crops, the loans are only 56.35 percent. How much money will be given to the farmers? The bankers, agribusiness and revenue officials are conducting reviews on how much money they are offering. District collectors are also reviewing the district level. Farmers union leaders say that bankers are not giving at least 75 per cent of the crop during any crop. Private banks are not interested in lending to agriculture, it is a matter of concern that it is an unreliable subject. All the government and the concerned department have now urged to take steps to ensure farm loans to the farmers as per their targets.

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