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Karimnagar, February 23,(
In the villages, beautiful muds are melt before the eyes. Natural resources are exhausting. The removal of the hills causing natural disasters and millions of rupees in the form of royalty. But the funds required for the form of royalty from the gram panchayats do not reach the jurisdiction of the Panchayats. So many serpents are going to do justice.The Panchayat ruling circles are expecting to be able to take up infrastructure and other development programs. Over the year. Gram panchayat governments back around the government and officials back to the courts for seniors. Mineral and other natural resources The seanage funding from the use of sand, granite, cutting polishing industries, and gravel quarries will be allocated for the development of local organizations in the area.


This includes royalty payments of Rs 40 for a cubic meter of sand and Rs.75 for the granite made in the cutting polishing industry and a black (bundle) payoff. 25 percent of the judges will be financed by the sanction funds, 50 percent for Mandal Parishad and 25 percent for District Panchayats. These funds are used for the development of their villages. The income from granite was previously directly deposited in the ZPP account. From then on to Mandal and Gram Panchayat accounts. At present, the government account is coming. From there, the jeeps will be released from Mandal and Village Panchayats. Seenarage funding through sand is not going to come to the treasury of the gram panchayats till September 2017, while granite, cutting and polishing units do not come up.

Karimnagar is famous for the granite industry of the Joint District. It is based on more affiliated industries. There are more than 300 granite quarries in the district, sandals in over 200 cutting polishing units, more than 50 sand quarries, kothapalli, kajipur, kodimunju, mallaram, mallaram1, aarepalli. Some sand quarries were closed as water was entered into quarries and the contractor expired. These are the millions of rupees of income for the government. Seenarage funds that come from those quarries will be credited to local companies for three months. There is no effect on the sarpanches of the village panchayats, the MPs, the ZP'S and their respective officers. As the government did not receive funds from the government, it was learned that the situation could not be done by the judge.

 Seenerage funds should be credited to local companies for three months. grants for sand, granite, aggregate and other mineral wealth are getting worse for the ruling circles as it wants to use roads, drinking water and other infrastructure. Gram panchayats sought the courts for the funds sanction. In the state, for the first time, the Gangadhar mandalam Gattubutkur village panchayat governorate has come to the High Court. The High Court ruled that it would pay the grant of money. The grama panchayat received Rs 4.75 crores in favor of the court ruling. On the same route, along with Mandal parishat, Achampally and Sarvareddypalli villages have also received the court and received funding. The government has appealed to the court for all the ruling classes resorting to the court. This has resulted in discontinuity of funds from granite, aggregate and other mineral wealth.

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