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Amravati,February 2,(
Union Budget is amazing, Minister Manikayala Rao said. There is no need for some of the leaders of the TDP to have to comment. On Friday, he spoke to the media. Before we criticize our party for leaders like TJ Venkatesh, he should know the level. TG Venkatesh is just a member of the Rajya Sabha and he wants to talk about what the Chief Minister has to say.


We do not have to answer any of those comments on us. Those who comment on Bijeppe should look for the qualification or not. For the construction of Amravati, the last Budget has given a total of two hundred and fifty crores without giving any DPR. Seventy-five percent of the three hundred and fifty crores to be given in the Center Agreement. There is no injustice to AP in Budget.

There are some technical problems to give Visakhapatnam railway zone, hence the alternative center has suggested. The Polluvaram project has been promised to complete the project. As part of this, Union Minister Gadkari convinced the contract to make the project cost less. He reminded Center of Clarity about the misconceptions about Polavaram. Now the same as the same as the Union Budget, the same goes for four days. Whether or not they should be in an alliance with the BJP, the two parties will sit and talk. You can not see the funds that are currently counted. Funds will be provided through their respective accounts. He said that providing insurance coverage for ten crore families in AP through Prime Minister's Insurance. Increased support for farmers in agriculture has become the farmers' The Center has allocated thousands of funds to improve rural India.

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