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Medak, February 3, (
There will be an error in the registration process. The state government has been tasked to hand over the regulations to the revenue department. With the perspective of increasing transparency, the Tahsildar will have full powers. With the launch of new passbooks since March 11, special training will be given to the tahsildars in the district. The registration process is not subject to sub-registrar but the government is taking steps to prevent the registration process from disrupting. Tahsildar's offices are also available for software and software for registration. The aim of the circular is to reduce the amount of transparency, prevention of corruption and counterfeit pass books in the management of land sales, registrations, and land records.


There are four sub-registrar offices in Tupran, Ramayampet, Narsapur, and Medak in the district for 20 mandates. The government is taking steps to register a registration process in Tahsildar offices in remaining 16 zones. The government has intensified efforts to issue registries to the Revenue Department. Tahsildar's offices will be equipped with software for hardware and software registration. Tahsildars will be trained next month. Special committees have been set up for this. Since the registration process will begin from March, it has been decided to send three officials for training. The training will be completed in February and the process of registrations will begin in Tahsildar offices from March. There are three Division Centers in Regional Offices in Thampuran, Narsapur, Medak, and Ramayampepet for 20 subdivisions in the district. The government will work to hand over registration to the Revenue Department, one of the sources of income for the government. For this, Tahsildar offices will be equipped with software, hardware, and equipment for registrations. Sub-registrars are authorized to register assets under the Registration Act 1899, Registration Act 1980, registration of documents, collecting stamp and registration fees and mutual consent of merchants. Under the Registration Act Section 6, any government official may be entrusted with the responsibility of registering and registrations, and the government will also be entrusted with the powers of registration for the convenience of governance.

 All districts have been issued. Registration of documents, registration of stamp and registration fees, the government has appointed special committees to train tehsildars to register their records in the process of registration of key documents in the registration process so far. The tahsildars will be trained in the next month and will complete the training in February and begin registration in Tahsildar offices. The registration process in Tahsildar offices is expected to take place in 20 zones in the district. There are four Sub Registration Offices in Jilas. Registrations for sub-registration offices are being conducted in the office of the Tehsildar authorities. Registration of tehsildars will be entitled to increase the transparency without the need for corruption in registrations. There are currently four Registration Offices. The decision has been taken with the presence of land sales, registrations and land records, transparency, corruption and preventing counterfeit passbooks. The government believes that since the government has been offering new passbooks since March 11, it will also digitize the registration of the tahsildars to the competitors. Therefore, the procedure has been chosen to prevent the registration process from disrupting the registry process even if it is not a sub-registrar for the registration process. The process seems to be in March.

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