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Gannavaram,February 22,(
Before the construction of the capital Amravati, the name of the whole world is heard. Once there were only three flight services to our Gannavaram airport, but now there are 50 services in a few days. Minister Nara Lokesh said international air services will also be started from here. On Thursday, the Minister spoke in the open assembly. All of you know the intellectual towers. The building, which is a long time vacant, is now full. Our young lady with young people. Soon the new building is completed. HCL is one of the best IT companies in the country and we are looking for thousands of people here, "he said. At the time of the division of the state, we were forced to get out of the clothes. There is no capital, no funds. We have started the journey in such a situation. 


The Chief Minister said many welfare programs are being executed so that every assurance given in Manifesto will be fulfilled. 24,000 crore farmers have made a loan of Rs. Dwarka has made 6000 rupees for women. Another 2,000 women's day is going to be a day. When the 2014 calendar was before, it would have been unlikely to be lost. But now we have 24 hours power. Prior to 2014, there would be 200 pensions. It reminded me that Chief Minister Chandrababu has raised Rs 5,000 with the same signature. We have a thousand rupees pension for 50 lakh people who are not given any state in the country. We are going to create 19 lakh houses for poor people in the country. The minister said that houses are being constructed to meet advanced apartments with Share Wall Technology.

I intend to complete infrastructure in all villages within 2019. 14,000 km cc roads have been planted in the past three and a half years, which has never been done by the state. In the gorge, 135 km cc roads were planted. 1628 New Panchayat concepts have been built. 584 council buildings were constructed. We have built 4200 Anganwadi centers for corporate play schools with modern facilities.

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