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Hyderabad,February 7,(
What is the party that has formed by Professor Kodandaram Ram? Whose votes can be split up, what is the power and capacity of a political party? . Aditi? If the party is going to a major opposition to its opposition to the main opposition party, the party is somewhat stronger, so that the party will be used to bring a 'split' in the opposite votes. If the party leaders emerge as a party, what is the TJC future, then the TJC? There? There are so many doubts and suspicions. Whatever party is in power, there will be some opposition to the election again. No matter how many development and welfare programs take, it is difficult to satisfy all sections, and there is some opposition. The opposition is usually calculated at least 5 percent. Now it can not be counted how much opposition to TRS is now. Can Professor Kodandaram be attracted to the opposition votes? Is the question. 


If so, what are the opposite votes to be a new party led by a professor, and what else is the opposition? The main opposition is the Congress, the other opposition parties are the BJP, the TDP, and the Left. Advocate Prahalad has strongly reprimanded him to turn the TJJ into a political party. Why is the idea that the TJAC is not a political party but the idea of putting the party as the only party that has been called by the Kodandaram? The debate is also happening in the political circles.Professor Kodandaram has always won the seat as a member, sarpanch? TRS leaders know that many times. By putting a political party, he is up to what he is, what his capacity to do and to persuade him to prove himself. The discussion is on. 

Those who are dissatisfied with various parties, who want to win the ticket for their eventual contest, or those who want to get a chance to compete in the legislative assembly, are likely to join the party. The main question is how the student world moves along Professor Kodandaram. Do students move a large number of students? Most of them have the opportunity to go to the TRS, the BJP and the Congress. Because all parties make youth and student divisions and make them participants in various agitations. If not, there are many challenges before Professor Kodandaram. Telangana has 17 Lok Sabha and 119 Assembly seats. However, there is a campaign to increase the number of Assembly seats to 153 in the general election. There are hopes for an increase in the number of seats in Andhra Pradesh. 

 Telugu states Chief Minister  Chandrashekhar Rao and Chandrababu Naidu are putting pressure on the central government. How can Professor Kodandaram be able to get stronger candidates in the 153 Assembly seats if the number of seats is actually increased, if the former MLAs and student leaders from various parties are brought to the polls, how much can they remain in those seats? Would not you be able to stand up ?, even if they stood up What is the economic situation, not just the political parties, but how economically they can survive? Can the Professor Kodandaram's party be able to provide financial strength to the party, where will he come from? How many of the opponents of KCR will stand up and help financially assist Kodandaram? Megastar Chiranjeevi established the Praja Rajyam Party and failed to merge the party in the end. Bhaskara Rao, former DGP Bhaskara Rao, Loksatta Jayaprakash Narayan and others have also experimented with criminals. Can Professor Kodandaram be able to compete even to some extent, but can he continue after that? The suspicions are being expressed. Leaders and political analysts believe that Professor Kodandaram will not compete independently and compete with any front.

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